The following are some of the testimonials we have received, from clients and from our professional partners.

Mr C - Client

Kellands have been my financial adviser for the past 8/9 years. Initially introduced via my employer and then continued on a personal basis. The unwavering and unbiased advice and personal mentoring on a regular basis has ensured that my pension ‘pot’ was managed in the best possible way and enabled me to take up early retirement with the assurance that my funds were well looked after. Kellands have always exercised professionalism and dedication even during turbulent times steering me to the right path when required to do so. I would unhesitatingly recommend Kellands for ongoing financial advice and management.

Mr B - Client

Sometimes people (because they are the company) do a basic job/role and expect first class feedback on a job well done. To me that’s just average and below the expectations that I want from a financial services company. So it was with great delight that approx. 6 years ago I was introduced to Kellands (Hale) whilst within a different job role for my ex employer. What I found was that Kellands surprised me not with their expertise or professionalism within their advice , which was to be expected, but their overall service, package and individual attention was detail was outstanding So much so that I stayed with Kellands upon leaving my previous role and have since recommended to family members , who themselves have utilised their services   Having previously worked within a financial services background, the work ,effort and overall service provided by Kellands is worthy of high praise  

Mr R - Provider

We have worked closely with Kellands (Hale) for a number of years now and have always been impressed with the quality and professionalism of their work and the business they introduce to our firm.     Importantly, they take the time to engage with us so that we are able to help them understand our investment proposition and how it is evolving in response to market developments.   This engaged approach means that we can be confident that our solutions are being used in the most appropriate way with clients, which is very important to us as an investment provider. In short, Kellands (Hale) are precisely the type and calibre of firm we seek to partner with.

Mr W - Client

I was introduced to David Garrett of Kellands, by a colleague of mine, I'd had a change of circumstances in my life, following redundancy, a new job, and marriage on the horizon. Dave met me shortly afterwards, a consummate professional, but in addition someone who had time to listen, understand, and recognise what I was looking for. He later met me and my intended at our home, having travelled on a Bank Holiday Monday to be with us early the following morning. Nothing has been left to chance, and all have been documented and communicated in a way we can both fully understand, which is important when you’re discussing your financial well-being for the rest of your life. We warmed to David from the start, whilst asking lots of questions, they felt unobtrusive, and we got to learn a lot about him too, which helped the process. We have found David and his colleagues at Kellands to be excellent and I have already shared his details with colleagues of mine, a Testimonial in that way can only evidence how good I consider the service received to have been.

Mr P - Client

Financial and personal pension planning can be daunting; therefore we are extremely fortunate to have David Garrett as our Independent Financial Planner. His relaxed but professional approach is always appreciated, especially when providing guidance through the myriad of options available. He always ensures that any decisions made are properly considered and are appropriate to our general attitude to risk before instigating any instructions on our behalf.   Such is our faith in David's abilities we have not only expanded our portfolio over the years, but also have another family member who's investments are now managed through Kellands with David providing the usual high standard of service and support.   We can certainly recommend Kellands but in particular David Garrett and look forward to his continued annual visits for many years to come.

Mr R - Provider

I have worked with Guy and the team at Kellands (Hale) for nearing on 10 years now. Their client centric approach, underpinned by delivering bespoke advice and high class service set them apart from many. Guy's approach to building the business is anchored around ensuring clients' interests are at the very centre of their advice process, being creative in designing solutions to individual clients' needs.   An example of their approach can be found in their adoption and investment in technology to improve the client experience whilst at the same time adding strength, depth and increased risk management to their business. As part of this, they have also created a Centralised Investment Process, working closely with a stable of investment managers to ensure their clients' needs are delivered on. Their CIP includes sensible initial and ongoing DD of the managers to ensure the managers remain fit for purpose.   In short, Guy has led Kellands Hale to remain relevant to customers through evolving regulatory landscape; obvious measure to highlight this include client & adviser retention as well as growth in both.

Mr D - Client

I have used Kellands for 6 years since my retirement and have dealt with the same financial adviser throughout. This has led inevitably to a great bond of mutual trust, close contact and approachability. I have always found that there is meticulous attention to detail with great customer service. The advice received has always been delivered on a one to one basis ensuring a special client relationship. Matters are dealt with promptly and efficiently and I have always found advice informative and helpful.  I personally would have no hesitation in recommending Kellands for their excellent service, their professionalism and expertise.

Mr Jones - Client

Loretta Mooney of Kellands has transformed our investments from a moribund portfolio to a hugely successful fund - she, and her team, are amazing. The regular meetings and suggestions have been immensely helpful in ensuring we meet our investment targets regarding our pension funds.

Mr M - Client

Having once experienced poor quality advice on investments I spent some time looking for better quality advice from a trustworthy source.   I found this from Kellands and have continued to use them for more than ten years. In all this time they have been professional, friendly and have never been shy to move investments from one provider to another when the returns fail to match their expectations.   I have also encouraged other friends and acquaintances to use Kellands and they also have found them to be solid and reliable.   Once per year I have a formal review of all the investments and will listen to their advice on any proposed changes to improve the returns which were expected. My adviser is brilliant at explaining all the pros and cons of each investment and why a particular provider is seen to be favoured.   Kellands have never let me down in any way and their investment strategies have been in keeping with my expectations.

Mr R - Client

The decision to retire and to make significant changes to the way our pensions were managed was huge and intimidating. Loretta, Andy and Noreen at Kellands (Hale) clearly recognised the magnitude of this decision for us and showed great patience and professionalism as they helped us explore our options. They did two key things which made all the difference for us: they demystified the world of pensions explaining our options in ways we could relate to, and, they gave us confidence to make changes that I don't think we would have otherwise believed were possible. It is not overstating it to say that their support has been life changing.

Mr R - Client

David Garrett DipPFS, Independent Financial Planner at Kellands, was recommended to me by a work colleague in connection with considering moving our final salary pensions to a SIPP.   I contacted David and he arranged to meet my wife and at our house. David explained the various options to us and arranged to obtain illustrations for us. David was not pushy in any way and if anything, over cautious about us choosing and alternative to a final salary scheme.   David explained the positive and negative points for all options discussed. He was happy to leave us to consider the options and the illustrations provided, then explain them again / answer any questions we had, whether face to face, email or telephone.   Throughout the transfer process, we were kept up to date with progress by David and when a glitch occurred, with RBS valuations and transfers, David was quick to own the problem and look to resolve it quickly and thoroughly, which he did.   I have worked in the Financial Industry for 33 years and spent much of that managing Corporate Clients. The highest praise I can give to David Garrett and Kellands, is that they work almost exactly as I have done - clients come first and service is paramount.    

Anon - Provider

Within the industry, Kellands are in a unique position of being a Chartered Financial Planning Practice. This is a title that Kellands should be extremely proud of and through my work with Kellands on their investment solutions, I see this high level of knowledge and skill reflected through their approach to investment advice.     To ensure that all clients receive a consistently high level of service and benefit from the combined knowledge at the firm, Kellands have adopted a robust team based approach. On the investment side, this is evidenced through their in-house investment committee. Chaired by Guy Kelland, they are able to combine their wealth of investment experience and conduct extensive due diligence on investment products covering whole of market. Working for an investment management company, I have personally been through this rigorous process. Being selected for the Kellands core investment proposition is an ongoing process which doesn’t stop at selection. From my experience, most investment committees conduct due diligence quarterly or semi-annually. At Kellands they test the strength of their investment products at their team meetings monthly. Not only does this mean that their investment products are challenged on a timely manner, but it also encourages knowledge sharing. This team based approach provides the growing team at Kellands the opportunity to benefit from the firm’s 25 years of experience in the market.     True holistic financial planning involves developing a deep understanding of a client’s complete financial situation. Advisers at Kellands go beyond the risk questionnaire to gain a better understanding of the multiple and sometimes contradictory objectives of a client. Kellands will source the best investment product for their client, even if this involves a complicated structure of several providers, platforms and combination of risk levels. Crucial to Kellands approach is ensuring the client’s total assets are in line with their overall objectives.     At Kellands it is a two way relationship with clients. Providing clients with timely and transparent information on their investments can be problematic but at Kellands they have developed an innovative way of sharing information in real time with clients. In addition to annual reviews, Kellands provide clients with access to up-to-date information on all their investments through the Kellands Wealth Platform.     I believe that Kellands are a strong candidate for Investment Adviser of the year. Their focus on ensuring knowledge sharing across the group through a robust team based approach and allowing clients clear, transparent and easy access to their investments ensures clients are always at the heart of their process.


As a family we have been helped by Kellands for many years, including advice regarding investment and savings, as well as future planning and asset management. In addition to regular visits from our designated advisor, who has always managed to be both professional and friendly while explaining complex financial matters clearly enough for us to feel able to make informed decisions, we have been impressed by the efficient help and support we have received from the rest of the team.

Mr R - Provider

We have been working with Kellands for over 7 years and are impressed with how they have managed to keep a consistency in the service offering that we are engaged with, across a number of different areas. They have taken the time to work with providers so that both businesses understand the requirements, issues and direction of development for both parties.     We have Quilter Cheviot services available to clients at several service levels within the Kellands Centralised Investment Proposition (CIP), from direct full discretionary portfolios, via direct model portfolios to active and index based model portfolios on their preferred platform. This consistency means any client where DFM is deemed suitable can be accommodated by the Kellands advisers, with management coming from a firm they have fully researched and have high levels of access to.     They have managed to adapt their CIP to the changing landscape available to advisers, without having wholesale disruption in the long term relationships that have withstood the ongoing scrutiny of their investment committee.

Professor R - client

Kellands have been dealing with my financial affairs for well over 20 years. To be honest, the considerable advice obtained from Kellands, at least on an annual basis, has been absolutely spot on. The performance of the various investments have far out-stripped my expectations and, likewise, the strategies on inheritance tax and later life planning have been completely outside my knowledge and most invaluable. I just have complete faith in their advice.

My high opinion of Kellands (Hale) is attested to by the fact that I have unreservedly recommended them to several younger work colleagues, who like me, have also been well outside their comfort zone on these issues.

Mr S – Lawyer & Client

We would not hesitate to recommend Kellands.  As the Managing Partner of a law firm I have recommended Kellands to many clients successfully.  They have a high level of technical expertise combined with a good common sense and practical approach.  Perhaps the most positive evidence of our trust in Kellands is that as well as recommending them to clients we also use them for our own personal pension and investment decisions.

Mr R - Provider

I have personally known the Kelland's group for 20 years, including both the managing founders and many of their investment advisers.

Kellands put the client's interest first and foremost and their continuing development and integration offers clients a stable organisation in which they can trust and depend on. Client trust in their advice process is vital and my experiences with Kelland's - my sister is a client of Kelland's and needed quite complex tax planning advice as well as linking the investment solutions as well - together with my own interactions with the group is very supportive of this recommendation.

R C - Lawyer

I have worked very closely with Guy Kelland and his team for several years. During this time we have had a great working relationship and work closely on matters such as Inheritance Tax planning. We have referred clients to each other and the feedback from all my clients has been glowing in terms of the work Kellands, and Guy Kelland in particular, has completed for them. By taking advantage of Guy’s tax planning skills, we have been able to successfully steer our clients through very uncertain financial times. I see Guy as a safe pair of hands and someone I can trust to provide the right advice for my clients.

Guy has always made it clear that his intention is to build lasting relationships, both professional and personal, and this is evident in the dealings we have had. Guy has always been willing to help us out and has never seen it as a burden to help a fellow professional when necessary. In my opinion, this is how a professional relationship should be.

Mr L - Professional Connection, Accountant

We have used Kellands for many years and have always appreciated their strong technical knowledge as well as their understanding of the client's needs and position. Estate planning is often complex both from a technical basis and from dealing with the clients hopes, aspirations and family dynamics. Kellands have shown great aptitude for both these facets and we are always confident they will approach any case in a professional and sympathetic way. They always take the time to understand the client's needs both financial and personal. They are great to work with!

Mrs H - client

I am supporting Kellands (Hale) because they have supported my late husband and myself over the last 21 years as their clients.

We have had only one advisor over this time, Ken McNab, allowing him to become both a welcome friend and helper.

This continuity along with the confidence that he inspires is important to us. This comes from Ken's deep knowledge of his sector and his ability to give clear explanations. Ken is a great asset to the company.

It also comes from the efficient way that he is supported by excellent background staff and resources. He always has the relevant and up to date information with him on his personal visits.

Any communication we have with his office and Personal Assistant is always done in a friendly, efficient manner.
Any changes to our portfolio have always been explained and agreed to our mutual satisfaction.

I do not hesitate to recommend both Kellands (Hale) and Ken McNab to others and have done so on numerous occasions.

Mrs C - client

For over twenty years we have relied on financial guidance from Kellands, and in particular from our adviser Ken McNab. The guidance has been sound and reliable, taking full account of our personal circumstances and meaning we feel 'involved' in the decisions reached. Ken combines knowledge and experience with a pleasant and relaxed manner, so that we feel confident with the advice we receive. Kellands' advice and proactive stance has provided us with a good return on investments and enhanced retirement income.

Mrs T client

I have always trusted Ken McNab of Kellands (Hale) who I believe has a high and well-earned qualification in Financial planning. Trust for me is a definite essential. Next comes assessment of my financial needs alongside knowledge and information of the financial markets. Ken has always without fail had a very good grasp of my personal financial position and acted with integrity regarding choices for what to do with my assets; whether to move monies or keep investments where they are. He has explained clearly various options open to me specifically around IHT. If Ken were to retire from Kellands (Hale), I would feel less secure financially.

Mrs H - client

I have received excellent financial advice from Ken McNab from Kellands (Hale) for many years. He is highly qualified and I have put my complete trust in following his advice, to good effect. His experience is at my disposal at any time, either via a query by telephone or on a home visit, giving confidential professional advice. He is totally reliable and punctual with his visits and calls. I thoroughly recommend him and the service.

Mr & Mrs C - clients

I Mr C and my wife have been very satisfied clients over the past 12 years or more a company very professional in the presentation of the informative documented financial reports.

Telephone communication with the office staff excellent, receptive and courteous in manner and dealing with any queries with satisfaction.

Home visits by our advisor Mr Ken McNab have always been concluded with satisfaction and understanding.

Mr McNab himself we find most attentive and trustworthy and conducts our business meeting in a relaxed and satisfactory manner.

The service and guidance received as clients as been exceptional as our financial situation is healthy with many thanks to Mr McNab and his colleagues.

Kellands we highly recommend.

Mr Q - client

My wife and I have used the services of Kellands (Hale) for the past twenty years. We have been fortunate to have access to Ken McNab as a financial adviser, who has worked diligently, on our behalf, for the whole of that time. Ken's knowledge of the financial service industry has been excellent, continually advising and suggesting ways to steer through the vagaries of a sometimes turbulent market, and secure good returns on our investments. He was the obvious choice to advise us when we became executors of a friend's estate. This required management of the estate to provide an income for a relative whilst, at the same time, attempting to maintain the original global amount for distribution at a future date.

Obviously when choosing anyone to deal with any element of an individual's finance, particularly one's own, one would expect levels of trustworthiness, integrity, honesty and knowledge. Kellands, and in particular Ken McNabb, has always maintained such a high level of performance which inspires confidence, trust and faith in the delivery of accurate advice. We can both recommend this firm, without reservation, and would wish them continued success in their future endeavours.

Mr W - client

We have been clients of Kellands for several years after they resolved poor investments made using advice from another company. They have consistently reviewed our portfolio to accurately reflect our circumstances and requirements. This has been achieved through regular personal contact with Mr McNab who has provided sympathetic support and thorough analysis through the hard times of a few years ago. The portfolio has recently shown a substantial increase entirely due to the detailed proposals that have been made and we are extremely happy with the current state of affairs. Additionally we have been given valuable advice regarding wills and property. In particular, advice concerning bequests and gifts both to and from relatives have enabled us to plan family matters in a much more satisfactory manner.

Mr C - Professional Connection, Lawyer

When working alongside financial advisers, I do not just look for technical expertise (although it is important). I also look at the approach they take to providing the advice, their approachability, openness and also their willingness to engage with the clients on a personal level. Trusting the adviser to provide the right advice is very important as ultimately my reputation (as the referrer) is affected if things do not go to plan.

I have worked alongside Kellands for several years and have dealt with Guy Kelland personally but also other advisers such as Loretta Mooney, David Garrett and Chris Bull. As a business, Kellands have made a real effort to understand what we do and how we help clients. This is not just limited to ‘high level’ staff but applies to staff at all levels of their business; every one of their team has made an effort to engage with us. This has included spending time with us at our office to learn how we approach our work on a day to day basis and how we identify areas of risk for our clients. These sessions have allowed them to move beyond the standard approach provided by many other IFAs whereby they simply ask clients if they have Wills or LPAs in place and if they say ‘yes’ skip over it and move on. Instead, Kellands offer a more detailed approach to try and fully understand the clients position and long term objectives. By making an effort to understand our business, they are able to identify areas of potential risk for the clients and direct them to seek advice before the risk is realised. Although it is more time intensive, it really does benefit the clients long term and protect their position.

As well as making an effort to understand our business and what we do, they have also hosted training sessions for us at their offices to explain what they do, how they set up their files and how they help their clients. By sharing their knowledge and experience they have helped us identify risks for our own clients. The collaborative approach employed by Kellands has had an enormous benefit for both of our businesses but more importantly, it has benefited clients by allowing their advisers, whether legal or financial, to see the big picture and avoid missing any pieces of the puzzle.

The main benefit of working with Kellands is the approach they take to building relationships and finding the right adviser for the client. Rather than having one adviser that deals with all of our client referrals, they actually match the adviser to the needs of the client. An example of this occurred recently. My firm acted as a court appointed deputy for a client that had recently received a multimillion pound pay out following a legal case. We were required to obtain financial advice before making investment decisions and decided to approach Kellands. The person we acted for was a very young disabled person and their money had to be managed for the remainder of their life. Although we are the final decision makers, we try to involve the client in the process as far as possible. Rather than the usual cookie cutter approach, Kellands matched the client with an adviser that could meet their particular needs. For example, they matched the client to an adviser that was experienced in dealing with large investments over a long time horizon. As well as looking at the technical skills required, they also took into account the clients personal circumstances. They matched them with one of the younger advisers as it was felt the client would have a better rapport with them and this would help establish a trusting relationship.

The client had limited understanding of how financial matters worked and it was very difficult to explain complicated matters to them. However, Kellands pitched the level of the meeting at a level where the client could obtain an understanding of the main points and objectives of financial planning. This approach helped them feel involved in the process (even though we were making the final decision) and helped them understand the goal that was trying to be achieved, which in this case was to help the client live as ‘normal’ a life as possible. A simplified report was produced to review with the client and a more detailed report prepared for us as deputies. This approach is an example of the bespoke approach taken by Kellands.

As mentioned above, Kellands match their adviser’s skills with the client’s needs. This has resulted in their advisers having particular specialities, for example they regularly advise medical professionals or solicitors. By specialising in this way, it allows them to have a deeper understanding of the issues faced by clients in those particular professions. Our clients have really benefited from this approach as it has provided them with high quality, specialist advice which fits their particular requirements.

Although I have built a very good professional relationship with Kellands, I always ask for feedback from every client that I refer to third parties. The feedback I have received about Kellands has always, without exception, been excellent. The specialist advice provided by Kellands is often praised by clients but they also highlight the personal service they receive. Kellands culture exudes openness and honesty. They are not afraid to tell clients ‘no’ or ‘that is not possible’ and always deliver what they promise. Kellands approach is to find out what the clients want to achieve in their life, whether that includes retiring at an early age or travelling the world, and build their financial plan around helping the client achieve those goals rather than just setting the objective as ending up with as much money as possible. This client focussed approach and dedication to helping clients achieve their life goals through financial planning is very rare. I couldn’t ask for more when referring clients to them. They would be a very deserving winner of the award.

Mrs B - client

Five years ago I purchased a large retirement bungalow by the Moray Firth. In January 2017 I assisted my son financially to purchase an old farmhouse in the Spey Valley, a renovation project with adequate land for expansion. If Kellands had not advised me over the last 20 years these would not have been possible and we will both be forever grateful for the excellent advice received. The route has been complex but I will try to explain.

Back in 1997, or earlier, I had three small investments with a small FA when she either gave up her business or was incorporated into Kellands, but I cannot remember which. This resulted in my meeting Ken McNab of Kellands , who still advises me today, including flying up to visit me for annual reviews, despite my move from Greater Manchester to North Scotland. Looking back, that meeting was one of the luckiest days of my life. At that time I had a husband in work, our son was in his last year of his degree course and I had taken early retirement due to ill health.

Fast forward five years and life had changed drastically. I unexpectedly lost my husband in 1998, my elderly mother died in 2001, followed by a close friend in 2002. Life was not easy. My husband’s tied FA sorted out his finances for me then I received the two other legacies in 2002.

Ken McNab then reappraised my situation and we started again. My husband’s legacy investment had lost value over the five years it had been invested, so was withdrawn so Ken would now manage all my investments. A range of new investments were made with the cash available from all sources, aiming to be tax efficient and planning for the future for my son. Two of those made in 2003 were key to our current property situation while others, within ISA wrappers, provide a safety net for me in later life.

1 – An AXA (now friends Life) Investment Bond Plan, including Life Insurance for both my son and I, plus an added Inheritance Trust. This investment also provides a monthly income and provided for a “one off” cash withdrawal. As I did not need an extra income this was invested each month into an additional pension fund which matured when I was 75 years of age. This investment has been the key to both property purchases mentioned earlier.

When purchasing the Nairn property a cash withdrawal was made of part of the Friends Life investment, so I could purchase before selling my property in Greater Manchester but I continued to pay the full amount into my pension fund. A large proportion of the cash from the house sale was this year able to go towards my son’s Spey Valley purchase and the additional pension from this investment allows me to contribute to the repayments for the small mortgage he took out to finance renovations. Despite my continued monthly withdrawals the fund continues to increase in value.

2 – A Canada Life Estate Preservation Bond, from which there is an option to withdraw cash each year but we have been able to roll it over each time. This is now intended for my son’s pension fund, as he chose to concentrate on quality of life rather than a high salary, so has been unable to build a pension fund. We are very conscious that his father died young and his grandfather never reached pensionable age either.

I hope the above details explain why I feel strongly that Kellands (Hale) deserve to win the Tax and Estate Planner of the Year Award.


I am a solicitor dealing with wills, trusts and probate. I have referred a number of clients to Kellands and they have always been very pleased both with the quality of the advice they receive and the levels of service. When I need information from Kellands they are helpful and efficient.


I have always had excellent feedback from clients that I have referred to Kellands for planning advice. The clients quite often had particularly complex requirements and Kellands were able to look at their needs and objectives and give them detailed advice in a way which the clients could understand. They offer a highly professional service.


I have been dealing with Kellands for the last 20 years.

I have no hesitation in Kellands looking after my investments and keeping me up to date on all aspects of my investments.

I have regular visits from Ken McNab and when Ken is not available to speak to me on the telephone there is a very good team back at the office who can either help me with my query or arrange for Ken to ring me back.

All aspects of my dealings with Kellands have been handled with the utmost efficiency offering a very reliable service.


I have recently had reason to consult Kellands (Hale) to assist in my personal, future financial planning.

This has always been a multi-faceted and complicated subject for me to grapple with but since meeting with Kellands, all has been explained to me in a clear, concise and informative manner which has enabled me to now make important decisions to ensure my future.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Kellands' to other prospective clients as I am confident they would provide the same excellent and friendly service.


I retired in 1993, Kellands Hale has advised my wife and me on investment, tax and inheritance planning since 1999. Having one personal adviser who is familiar with our financial situation and aims has been a great benefit. and the advice has been proactive and consistently sound.

Over the years we have also been able to call on Kellands' wide range of expertise for help on wills, mortgages, buy-to-let and investment for grand-children's education.

I should have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone.


Kellands (Hale) have been my personal financial planning advisor for many years. They have consistently provided a service which is friendly, efficient, well informed, financially smart, and is shaped to the individual needs of myself and my wife. What is particular about them is that they advise and don't push; they always seek to find out about our changing circumstances, both current and anticipated and then orientate their advice specifically to our lives rather than their own interests. At the same time of course we want our assets protected and to grow and they want theirs to grow also. Somehow they achieve this whilst still giving us very good value for money. Our particular advisor, Loretta Mooney, embodies these qualities and skills in an outstanding way. We are very happy to nominate Kellands for this award.


Ken McNab of Kellands was our neighbour when he first became our F.A. over 20 years age and although my wife and I are minor investors, his friendly, personal and thorough attention to detail have been a source of great satisfaction to us.

Over the years Ken has become increasingly highly qualified and Kellands have kept closely in touch with the many innovations within the Financial Services industry. We think that over the years their service has been excellent.

Perhaps most importantly, Ken's ability and personal integrity give us the confidence to accept his advice implicitly.

Mr C Lawyer

I have worked with Kellands for a number of years and I have always been very impressed by the quality of the service provided to my clients. We always obtain feedback from our clients when we refer to outside providers and I have always received glowing feedback about Kellands. The most positive comments have always been about how Kellands have made them feel ‘part of the team’ working with their adviser rather than simply being a client/service provider relationship.   What I particularly like is the mix of personalities at Kellands and the way they allocate an adviser to a client. For example, I have a lot of disabled clients that have received large cash settlements. For many, this is the first time they have ever had a substantial amount of money and they often find the thought of managing such large sums daunting. Rather than just focussing on the financial aspects to match a client to an adviser, they also look at the personality of the client to ensure they get the right match. I have seen first-hand the difference this makes to our clients and I have seen clients go from being nervous about meeting an IFA to actively looking forward to their next meeting. It says a lot that many of my clients have become personal friends of the staff at Kellands.   In addition to providing advice to my clients, I have worked together with Kellands on a number of projects, including hosting workshops. They have always been very supportive of our goals and have been integral to helping our clients understand complicated matters such as tax planning. We have also worked together to help clients resolve situations arising from poor advice they have received from other professionals. This is a particularly satisfying part of my work with Kellands as together we have helped clients out of some very difficult and stressful situations. Their technical abilities are second to none, and they have a habit of always being able to provide the right answer at the right time.   Above all else, I have always had a sense that Kellands are there for both me and my clients. Even when they are very busy, they are always able to find time to offer advice or help with a query. They have always given the impression that they are care deeply about what they do and the service they provide. They really are a stand out firm.

Mr E Client

We have received very sound advice on both investments and minimising inheritance tax over the last two years. Their approach was friendly and realistic and their fees were very competitive. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to our friends.

Mr W Client

We were first introduced to Kellands Hale after the death of our uncle. Ken McNab, from Kellands Hale, had been his financial advisor and he was extremely helpful to us as we sorted his estate out. Our financial advisor had retired a few years before and the company I had gone to were patronising and condescending, so we did not have an advisor at this time. We asked if Ken McNab, from Kellands Hale, would become our financial advisor and was pleased that he said yes. Ken McNab has been so helpful in sorting our finances out at a time just before our retirement. Ken McNab has been our advisor since 2011 and has helped us greatly in choosing the right financial “vehicles” and products for us. He has helped in financial planning for our retirement which happened in 2014. This has made us confident that we can enjoy a long and happy retirement with no financial worries. The products that Ken McNab has recommended have performed well and we feel secure, an important feeling when retired. The staff that we contact on the telephone at Kellands Hale are always helpful and courteous and their service is efficient. Ken McNab is very happy to visit us when requested, if outside of his normal visits, and we feel that we can trust Ken, he is very knowledgeable and a great help. We also enjoy his visits, we do not feel any pressure to make decisions and feel that Ken gives us all the information we need. We are extremely happy with the service we receive from Kellands Hale and it is a pleasure to have them and Ken McNab as our financial advisors.

Mr T Client

Kellands has been providing financial advice and services to us for the last four years. I have no hesitation in supporting their nomination. From the time when the advisor first met us we have been provided with an excellent service where the focus has been on identifying what our personal needs and wishes have been, and finding a plan which best meets these. We have been given as much time as we have wanted to ask questions and explore options. At no point have we felt that we have been sent in a direction which suited the company first, and us second, however challenging our demands might have been. Our advisor has good supporting staff and we have been encouraged to contact them if the advisor is not available. We have had occasion to use other advisors in the past and the positives outlined above were not present in those situations. We appreciate the continuity that Kellands provide, enabling us to build up a sound and trusting relationship with our advisor, and the directness and openness which characterise our meetings.

Mr A Client

I am pleased to support Kellands for the above award. I have greatly benefited from the guidance of Alan Rushton of Kellands in planning my investments over several years. The advice given has always been direct and straight forward, care has always been taken to explain both the possible risks and gains involved in any of the investments.


Kellands have been our Financial Advisors for the last 6 years and were Financial Advisors to other family members for the last 30-40 years. They were very pleased with the service they had from Kellands which is why we transferred our financial affairs to their care. We have found that Kellands always give clear ,prompt and sound advice to any queries we might have without any pressure from them to follow their advice.

Mrs T Client

I consider I have been served extremely well over the past 20 years by Kellands (Hale) I have always had what I consider good financial advice & support. They have always given & explained the levels of risk within each investment, & made suggestions for new investment when it might be advisable to move from one investment with reference to the Global Economy. In addition time has been spent on Inheritance Tax planning.     I have appreciated the personal attention regarding my financial situation from Ken McNabb now a Company Director of Kellands over the past 20 years.   Anne Thompson

Mr C Client

I have been a client of Kellands (Hale) for 13 years and started using their services following a recommendation from my father. The advice received has been independent and I have proceeded with a wide range of investments based on that advice. As such, I have derived some very good returns in spite of the difficult financial climate that has existed since 2008. The advice has been given following a thorough process that Kellands undertake so they fully understand my financial aspirations and attitude to risk. In summary, the approach over the past 13 years has been to ensure I have been provided with a quality service, tailored specifically to my needs and without pressure during the decision making process. I have no hesitation in recommending Kellands (Hale) for an award in recognition of the excellent service they provide to clients such as myself.

Mr L Accountant

We have worked with Kellands for many years and their unfailing commitment to helping their clients is exemplary. They always look at the whole of the client’s issues and opportunities and have saved our clients significant sums of money.   Inheritance Tax planning in particular is strength with structures set up that maximise the next generation's inheritance without prejudicing the income and lifestyle of the client. Our clients have all been highly satisfied with the work carried out and the care and understanding shown.

Mrs N Client

I have been involved with Kellands for about twenty years. Kenneth McNab has been my advisor in all that time and has always delivered good advice. I have confidence in his knowledge of the products he suggests and satisfied with the progress of my investments. He helps me through the minefield of risk assessment, and explains the features of new investment plans. He does all this in a friendly and professional manner. I never feel pressured and though only a small investor, I always feel valued. I have access to my portfolio on line, and feel I can contact both Ken and the team at any time.

Mr P Client

Kellands level of customer service is extra-ordinary. Having contact with our nominated advisor outside of normal working hours can often relieve tension. Home visits for financial reviews have been well supported with comprehensive documents and conducted in a professional and yet friendly manner. All other members of staff have shown their due diligence and helpfulness when needed. Their online website gives me instant access to all my finances and allows me to view the performance of my investments. I feel confident in their on line security. The investments they have chosen for me have performed to my satisfaction and Kellands team do obviously keep abreast of the market as occasionally changes are recommended to improve the returns. I would not normally recommend any investment company to friends as a drop in the market could cost me that friendship. I have once broken this rule and recommended Kellands and still have a friend.


I have worked with the team at Kellands (Hale) for many years and they have advised a number of my clients in relation to their financial planning. They offer a bespoke service and their technical expertise is excellent. My clients have always been very impressed with the personal service that they have received from Kellands. The fact that they work closely with the client's other professional advisers enables them to offer a holistic approach to financial planning.


My mother and I have used the services of Kellands since the death of my father over twenty years ago. We are extremely satisfied with the wide range of financial guidance and planning which we have found to be sound, reliable and very thorough. Information is easily accessible, reports are extremely detailed and informative , and staff are very helpful and knowledgeable either in face to face meetings or on the phone. We are very fortunate to have Ken McNab as our adviser who goes the extra mile to ensure that we are well informed and have a full understanding of all financial matters relevant to our different personal circumstances and also ensures that we are confident with decisions made regarding our portfolios. For example , It has been essential to have the most robust and consistent advice to ensure that Mum had financial security in her retirement and robust inheritance planning , this has certainly been achieved with the successful management of her portfolio. We are very grateful to Ken. His wealth of knowledge, professionalism and consistency have secured our trust and confidence with ease. We would have no hesitation in recommending Kellands to other clients as we are confident that their experience would be equally as positive as ours.


My husband and I, first jointly then I alone, have had outstanding service from Ken McNab of Kellands (Hale) throughout the twenty years since our introduction. Kellands have fully committed and great colleagues, and professional networks and systems in place to ensure they deliver focused, ongoing expertise in a timely manner. Under their exemplary stewardship, my tax and estate position has been secured as we have worked towards maximum investment exposure within my risk profile. Ultimately, I know that in the event of my gradual decline or sudden demise (I trust not for many years yet – I take great care with my health and my finances), all is in the best possible order.     Our professional relationship began at a time of economic uncertainty, yet we quickly progressed to a developed and confident understanding. It is to Ken's credit that my husband, a strong and independent professional person with measured and sound judgement and an exacting sense of justice, made the commitment to remain with him, and over the years Ken has become a greatly valued professional friend.     On my husband's diagnosis of terminal illness in 2010, we much appreciated that Ken immediately arranged to come, and my husband, who had no intention of dying just yet but sadly would have no choice, could know that our financial affairs were, and his estate would continue to be, managed with commitment, diligence and expertise into an uncertain future. My husband's death that year came shockingly soon and left me deeply bereft.   Ken then visited with dependable regularity, through house moves, through my own serious illness, and through ongoing uncertain times in global political and economic terms, doing so for several years until I had regained strength. This, for me, was a long haul. During this time and ever since, he has worked to help me acquire an understanding of, and confidence and independence in, financial decision. He has always been open and sensitive to my underlying principles and my steadfast rationale relating to my financial objectives and risk position. He repeatedly gets results that I would otherwise not have had.   Having Ken McNab and Kellands as my tax and estate planners means on a daily basis that I too can work at a high level and extend reach, can pursue my purpose, in my case working with complexities of human experience, and with history. I know that Kellands is managing my husband's and ultimately my financial legacy, for me now, and then for the funds to help others. It is ever a privilege and pleasure to be a client of Kellands. I consider they would be a most deserving choice for the award.


Kellands have given us superb service over the years. In particular, they are very responsive to our changing and evolving circumstances and give advice that is spot on.   As an organisation they are professional, competent and thorough. It is not possible to fault their service.


Kellands and their advisor, Ken McNab, have been assisting us with our financial planning and investment decisions for over twenty years. We have found their advice to be sound and have always felt that it took account of both our particular personal circumstances and our attitude to investment risks, ethics and rewards.   They have been of particular assistance in our recent decisions regarding retirement and pensions, as well as being proactive in monitoring the performance of investments and facilitating adjustments when required.


I am always very happy to deal with Kellands. They work hard to maintain their knowledge and are thoughtful about giving clients the advice which is best for them. My clients who I have referred to Kellands have been very happy with them.


Kellands have been our financial advisors for some years, and we have benefited from their help with investments. Now we have both retired the focus has changed to savings, tax and inheritance planning. The advice we have received from our personal advisor has always been clear and has enabled us to negotiate a complex area, including setting up a family trust. Other family members have also received advice re tax, savings, future planning and mortgages. The team members have always been available when needed, in addition to regular planned contact, and have assisted us efficiently and professionally, while also being friendly and accessible.


Kellands has given me and my family an invaluable and exemplary range of financial advice and services for more than a decade. The advice has been expertly tailored to our personal circumstances throughout the evolving stages of our lives, taking in marriage, house purchase, children’s marriage and house purchase, and plans for our eventual deaths. Nothing is too much trouble for our financial advisor. Everything is thoroughly assessed and explained. We are immensely grateful to Kellands for the quality of service and sense of security that they have provided for us over the years.


I wholeheartedly support Kellands (Hale) for the Moneyfacts 2018 Tax & Estate Planner of the Year Award.   My family began our association with Kellands in the late 1990s and have great confidence in their advice and support.   They assisted my late mother with inheritance tax planning and consolidating her widespread portfolio. She did not have life insurance and Kellands (Hale) adjusted her portfolio of investments to minimise the inheritance tax liability.   When my mother died these adjustments proved their worth and minimal tax was due.   When Mum died Kellands (Hale) dealt with everything for me and all I had to do was sign the paperwork.     This support was absolutely invaluable.   My investment portfolio is also handled by Kellands (Hale); I feel well supported and informed.     My advisor visits twice a year and we discuss the agenda prior to his visit so that he has all the information at his fingertips when we meet and I am able to prepare my questions.   I receive clear explanations as to why funds may be moved and if I need to release funds I am always advised regarding capital gains and surrender fees. We are now planning for my retirement and possible inheritance tax liability.   I would recommend Kellands (Hale) for this award without reservation - an excellent firm that treats its clients like family.


Having had Kellands deal with our financial planning for several years now, I am confident and relaxed that they have given us excellent advice. Investments, as directed, have done well, even making reasonable progress in difficult times.   Advice on inheritance tax has proven particularly helpful given our marital status. My partner has two granddaughters that we would particularly like to help when they are a little older. Our designated advisor, Ken, has a friendly and accommodating manner but answers queries instantly, with confidence, thus conveying the fact that he has a full knowledge of his profession.


Kellands of Hale provided me with various options of how to approach Inheritance Tax planning and looked carefully into my needs and wishes. Initially I had very little knowledge of what could be done to mitigate Inheritance Tax but after a few meeting and very clear explanations I was able to, with expert guidance, choose a way forward. Kellands provided me with lots information and always listened to my concerns regarding aspects of risk and planned my portfolio accordingly. I felt, in the initial consultations, supported, listened to and confident that I as was being treated as an individual with specific needs rather than just another customer. Feeling confident with my Financial Advisor and being treated as an individual helped me to make decisions in an area I knew very little about.


From my first contact with Kellands - Mark Wilson in 1993, and Ken McNab in 2004, they have consistently provided excellent advice and service - and always with a smile. We look forward to our twice yearly visits from Ken. He carefully explains the latest rules and regulations regarding investments, pensions, and tax implications re retirement and recommends what is best for my wife and I and also investment and mortgage advice to my daughter.


Kellands, and more specifically Mr Ken McNab, has been our financial advisor for 15 years. During that time he has assisted us with Pension Planning, Investments for our Children and Portfolio Planning among others. During this period we have received a very professional and first class service with great attention to detail and to tailoring advice and recommendations to our specific and individual circumstances as they have changed over 15 years .They provide regular and in depth reviews of all our investments in person. They are also exceptionally efficient at responding to queries and questions by mail. We receive regular and comprehensive written reports on all our investments . We would have no hesitation in recommending this firm to other people and have done so over the years.

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