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    Retirement Planning

    Kellands award-winning advice will ensure you enhance your current financial situation and help you to maximise your future potential.

    Whether you intend to retire completely, or simply reduce the pace, retirement planning should be a rewarding time of life. For those without a financial plan, it can also be accompanied by a feeling of trepidation. It is an area which requires a very particular set of considerations, as you transition from the building assets, to drawing an income to sustain your future lifestyle. From a planning viewpoint, many factors come into play. Understanding your future cashflow is a fundamental starting point. Tax efficiency is hugely important too, having a significant baring on the amount of income you can sustainably enjoy. Finally investing appropriately as you move into, and then throughout your retirement, is crucial. We help to navigate all of these points to ensure you can move into retirement with confidence and clarity.

    There’s a lot to think about when you’re planning for your financial future, it can feel overwhelming at times. Speaking to Kellands will give you the best chance of optimising your individual circumstances and help you avoid the mistakes that unadvised investors often make.

    A client investing £10,000 in cash between 2008 and 2018 would now have £11,720. If they had invested, this would now be worth £21,905.*

    *Evaluation of the impact of the Retail Distribution Review and Financial Advice Market Review, December 2020
    * From money marketing and schroders the value of advice.

    Why choose us?

    What differentiates Kellands from many of our competitors is that we are a Chartered Financial Planning Practice. This chartered status demonstrates our professional commitment to raising standards of knowledge, capability and ethical practice. We are committed to providing an unrivalled holistic financial planning service with the aim of delivering bespoke financial plans for our clients.

    Kellands is part of a well-established national award-winning firm that has been providing independent financial advice for over 30 years.


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