Three surprising things the Queen can teach you about managing your money

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee arrives in June, signifying an amazing 70 years on the throne. Read three things Elizabeth II could teach you about managing your money.

The national celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee falls on 2 – 5 June 2022, marking 70 years on the throne for Britain’s longest-reigning monarch.

You might be wondering: what can the Queen teach me about financial management? Well, Elizabeth’s time as monarch has been challenging for the UK in many ways, as we have experienced both economic and social change during these seven decades.

Indeed, the Queen has remained a constant for the UK throughout some difficult times, teaching us important life lessons about strength, patience, and preparedness in the face of the unexpected.

In today’s world, it could be easy to become stressed about your financial situation, even if you have accumulated significant wealth. With inflation reaching 9% in May 2022, the UK’s cost of living crisis could be bringing your financial viability into question.

So, in celebration of the Queen’s time as our head of state, read on to learn three surprising lessons Elizabeth II could teach you about managing your money.

1. Always be prepared for the unexpected

Elizabeth II became Queen on 6 February 1952, while on a royal tour in Kenya with her late husband, Prince Philip.

Her father, King George VI, passed away suddenly while they were abroad, leaving Elizabeth to assume the throne at just 25 years old.

As you can imagine, this unexpected death created a period of intense pressure for Elizabeth. During a time of immense grief, this 25-year-old mother of two had to assume the most revered role in British society.

When it comes to your finances, being prepared for the unexpected is crucial.

Here are two things that could help you keep your wealth and loved ones protected if an unexpected death or illness occurred.

Make sure your will is up to date

It might be surprising to learn that, despite how important making a will is, according to mutual insurer Royal London, 32% of over-55s don’t have one.

Even if you have already made a will, updating it when you acquire new assets or when your situation changes is absolutely crucial. That way, if you were to pass away unexpectedly, your family can access your wealth with minimal stress during a very difficult time.

Invest in financial protection with the help of your Kellands planner

If you were to pass away suddenly, or become too ill to work, could your family continue paying your mortgage and living the life they’ve come to enjoy?

Financial protection options, such as life insurance or income protection, could protect both your wealth and family’s wellbeing in the event of an unexpected death or illness.

With the help of your Kellands financial planner, you could invest in protection that can help shield your wealth from unexpected life events.

The Queen’s unexpected ascension to the throne could remind you how important it is to be prepared for the worst, while hoping for the best. Contact your Kellands planner today for a goals-oriented discussion about protecting your wealth from unexpected events.

2. Stay calm during periods of uncertainty

Since 1952, the very beginning of the Queen’s reign, there have been periods of serious uncertainty in the country. Having emerged from two world wars in the first half of the 20th century, the UK was in a fragile state when Elizabeth II assumed the throne.

Since then, the country has weathered many storms, including multiple recessions, wars, and political upheaval. Throughout this time, many people have found comfort in the constancy the Queen provides as head of state, representing the UK’s famous “keep calm and carry on” mentality.

When it comes to your money, periods of market volatility, and challenging times like the UK’s current cost of living crisis, could tempt you to panic.

You might be becoming concerned about market downturns reducing the value of your investments, for example, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine caused some market values to fall in the first quarter of 2022.

During periods of market uncertainty, following the Queen’s example of stoicism and patience could lead you to feel calmer. Markets usually recover, and periods of difficulty – in any area of our lives – usually resolve in time.

Read our May 2022 investment update for details on how recent market volatility could affect your wealth.

3. A trusted confidant is essential when shouldering responsibility

The Queen’s ultimate confidant was her husband, Prince Philip. The Duke of Edinburgh was there by her side throughout her years as Queen, until his death in 2021.

Speaking in a rare personal tribute to her husband on their 50th wedding anniversary, the Queen said, “He has, quite simply, been my strength and stay all these years. I, and his whole family, and this and many other countries, owe him a debt greater than he would ever claim, or we shall ever know.”

In times of intense responsibility – such as supporting your family, furthering your career, preparing for retirement and working on your personal growth – having a friendly, experienced person by your side could make all the difference.

In addition to confiding in those you love most, such as your friends and family, your Kellands financial planner can act as a trusted guide, too. We can help you stay prepared for the unexpected, plan for a prosperous future, and shoulder your day-to-day financial responsibilities.

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