Causes for cautious optimism in a torrid time

After weeks of market volatility, with markets seemingly in freefall as the coronavirus gripped the global economy, this week has seen some more encouraging signs.

What promised to be a year of relative calm on markets soon changed, starting with rising tensions between the US and Iran. This was then superseded by the growing threat of the coronavirus pandemic and an oil price war, which have contributed to financial market volatility levels not seen since 2008.

The attached article reviews the events of the past few weeks. It also points out that, despite the alarming backdrop, there is room for cautious optimism due to the fast and concerted action being taken by policyholders across the globe.

To read the article or to download it, simply click on the link below. If you would like to discuss the contents or need some financial planning help and advice, please contact us.


Download Causes for Cautious Optimism article

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