How secure is the future of your family or business?

Why the outbreak of the coronavirus may mean it’s time to consider your life insurance cover.

Given the current situation during this difficult and unsettling time with coronavirus (COVID-19), it’s important to think about how secure the future of your family or business would be in the event that you were no longer around.

For many of us, projecting ourselves into the future to see what‘s around the next bend is not an easy thing to do. However, without thinking, we insure our cars, homes and even our mobile phones – so it goes without saying that you should also be insured for your full replacement value to ensure that your loved ones and business are financially catered for in the event of your unexpected death.

The article below looks at why it’s important to get the right life insurance policy as well as the questions you need to ask yourself. Please feel free to read or download it.

Planning for a time when you’re not around may seem daunting but it doesn’t have to be. Speak to us now for more information and advice.

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