Our guide to annuities

Everything you need to know about annuities when creating a retirement income.

When you retire, you will often have a range of choices available to you about how you take your retirement income. One of the options is an annuity.

Annuities have a long history and an annuity could provide you with a way to create a guaranteed income once you retire. As a result, it could offer you some financial security and peace of mind over the long term.

Yet, many approaching retirement don’t understand how annuities work. Annuities had also gone out of favour, due to the perceived poor value being generated.

However, all this has changed because, as recent research by Canada Life shows, annuity incomes have risen 54% over the past two years, making them once again an attractive proposition to consider as part of your retirement planning. In times of uncertainty, more consumers are seeking retirement income security and annuities can provide this.

So, getting to grips with annuities could be important when you’re deciding how to access your pension.

Because of this, our latest Kellands guide is all about annuities. It looks at how they work, their benefits and potential drawbacks and the four questions you need to answer before you buy an annuity.

Please download or read our annuities guide by clicking on the link below.

And if you are approaching retirement and would like to discuss how to secure the best retirement income possible from your pensions and investments, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Download the Kellands guide to annuities

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