The top 10 sporting events coming to the UK in summer 2022

Check out our useful guide detailing the top sporting events due to take place in the UK between now and September.

It’s fair to say that most of the UK is addicted to sport – and in its widest sense. Some countries can obsess over a single sport – cricket in India, football in Brazil and ice hockey in Canada for example - but it’s hard to think of another nation that can pack out stadiums and arenas for such a diverse range of sporting events.

This was seen at the 2012 Olympics in London, when pretty much every event was sold out.

The coming summer of sport

Around this time every year, we tend to look ahead at the coming “summer of sport” and try to pick out the potential highlights and the events we should really make a point of watching.

After two years of events being affected by the Covid pandemic to some extent or another, there’s more of an excited air of anticipation than usual.

Because of that, we decided this year to produce our own sporting guide, which gives you an outline of each of the top 10 events, what to expect, the dates, venues and a competitor to watch. There are also spectating tips, and a link to the official website for more information.

Simply click on the link below to read or download it. The Lords Test starts tomorrow and the Epsom Derby takes place this Saturday on the Jubilee weekend, so for you sporting fanatics, we’re up and running already.

We hope you find it useful, particularly those of you whose goals are to sit back and enjoy world-class sporting events. And remember, whatever your lifestyle goals are, we can help you to meet them. Get in touch to find out how.

Kellands Sporting Guide May 2022

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