Welcome to the Winter 2020 edition of our Kellands newsletter.

In this edition, we look at a number of different topics to help you accomplish what matters most to you and your family as the festive season approaches.

Working out what your money’s doing for you now and where it might come from in the future can give you real peace of mind. As we approach 2021, we suggest you consider a financial action plan and put forward 10 steps that could help you build a better future.

For many, the coronavirus pandemic has led them to reconsider their retirement plans, so as a starting point, we look at the changes to the State Pension rules and when you can claim it. These changes serve as a timely reminder for all to check their pension pots and to ensure they are on track for a comfortable retirement.

Covid-19 has also forced many to consider succession planning. Whilst anticipating one’s death is an uncomfortable topic, it’s often worth pushing past the initial discomfort to pursue the potential rewards of effective wealth transfer planning. We take a look at your options.

The newsletter covers much more besides. Please feel free to read or download it by clicking on the link below.

Thanks to our great technology, we are still fully functional and we are here to help you as and when needed.

So, for help and advice on any financial matters, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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