The Kellands Wealth Platform – available 24/7

Now more than ever it is important that you can access your finances virtually and at a time and place to suit you. At Kellands, clients have access to world class technology, which helps them to take control of their finances wherever and whenever they like.

The Kellands Wealth Platform provides live data on your investment portfolios and pensions whilst also giving you the opportunity to add in additional assets and liabilities. This gives you a full picture of your overall financial position and assets at a glance.

A view of your financial landscape, whenever, wherever.

For example, you can input details of non-financial assets such as property, jewellery or cars. This is also true of your liabilities, you can detail and record everything in one place such as mortgages, credit cards or loans. As well as being hugely convenient this also provides a true picture of your net worth.

The Kellands Wealth Platform helps you to keep on top of your finances and household admin, saving you time and providing piece of mind that all of your documents are stored in one place, securely. The portal is also able to capture details of protection policies you might have in place, such as your life insurance or critical illness policies. The library function allows clients to store policy booklets and any other documents. The days of leafing through folders to find the information you need are now thankfully in the past. Every document you could possibly need, in the palm of your hand and available 24/7. Why not add a copy of your passport, will or travel insurance? The system will allow you to become completely paperless with the reassurance that all of your information will be encrypted and stored securely. In addition, it allows us to communicate securely with our clients, sending reports and letters instantly.

A fully interactive service

The portal much more than just a financial overview and document library, it is fully interactive. Clients are never more than a click away from an overview of their financial situation or being able to make key financial decisions, a risk appetite adjustment, live price feeds or directly messaging their adviser. For example, should you wish to establish the impact of increasing your mortgage repayments, this can be done online and your adviser notified of any changes instantly. The platform will provide you with a link to your adviser at all times.

Because you can view all of your assets in one place, our Wealth Management process helps you understand your current position and how your assets are performing at any one time. It also helps us with our holistic financial planning approach, enabling us to develop appropriate and innovative financial strategies to meet your individual needs.

Some of the key features include:

- 24/7 Portfolio Valuations – Live price feeds on your Kelland’s Platform assets.

- Unique ‘Look-Through’ – In-depth information and breakdown about your investments.

- All documents stored in one place.

- Secure and simple to use.

- Reduce the heavy administrative burden associated and generated by holding multiple interests.

- Message your adviser – Directly.

For more information please take a look at the attached brochure or you can get in touch with us directly here - contact us.

Download Kellands Wealth Platform brochure

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